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Powerful integrations

Automate everything from running your post-purchase survey to pushing response data into your marketing tools to make your marketing more effective. No-code instals make installation quick and easy.

eCommerce and POS integrations

We’ve built LoudHippo to work with leading eCommerce platforms. Simply connect your platform, edit and enable your survey to automatically add it to your checkout success page, and watch the responses roll in.

Shopify eCommerce & POS

Add a post-purchase survey to your Shopify order status page and POS checkout process.

BigCommerce    Coming soon

Add a post-purchase survey to your BigCommerce order status page.

WooCommerce    Coming soon

Add a post-purchase survey after a successful checkout on your WooCommerce site.

wix black.png
Wix    Coming soon

Add a post-purchase survey after a successful checkout with Wix eCommerce.

More coming soon

eCommerce or POS integration not listed here? Let us know if you have a suggestion.

Marketing stack integrations

Push data anywhere to action your insights and grow your ROI with better analytics, targeting and marketing personalization. 

Shopify Marketing

Set up and manage your post-purchase survey from Shopify Marketing.

Shopify Flow

Automate tasks and activities after survey responses.


Connect anything with a zap and make custom workflows.


Send survey data to your email marketing platform for segmentation and personalization.

Google Analytics

Create Google Analytics events and segments with your survey response data.

Google tag manager.png
Google Tag Manager

Pass response data through the Google Tag Manager data layer.

google analytics logo.png

Create a custom-built integration using our API. 

More coming soon

Marketing integration not listed here? Let us know if you have a suggestion.


Get started

Start collecting valuable post-purchase survey insights in less than 5 minutes. LoudHippo is quick and easy to customize and switch on. No code required.
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