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Know exactly where orders are coming from

Add a post-purchase survey to your eCommerce order confirmation page to fill in the gaps in your marketing attribution and grow ROAS without guesswork.


Improve marketing attribution, conversion rates and customer engagement  


The media buyer’s HDYHAU survey

Ask ‘How did you hear about us?’ to build a complete picture of attribution and gain the confidence to invest in your marketing and grow your ROAS.

  • Compare responses with your ad platforms’ results

  • Know what channels are bringing in valuable audiences

  • Dig deeper to understand exactly who/what leads to each order

  • Discover new media channels to invest in

  • Gain insight to improve your targeting and ad content

Trust in people-powered attribution

With iOS14 privacy initiatives, low cookie acceptance and cross device browsing, using pixels alone for marketing attribution is only telling half-truths. Fill in the gaps with analytics fuelled by ground truth—your customers.


Capture critical direct-from-consumer insights

Uncover the ultimate truth straight from your customers’ mouths. Discover how they found you, capture psychographic and demographic information, learn what nearly stopped them from purchasing, and more.


Optimized to maximize response rates

The simple one-click design takes customers only seconds to complete, achieving response rates over 60%. Add a survey to your order confirmation page that customers are actually willing to take.


Everything you need to run a post-purchase survey on your order confirmation page

Question flow

Design a survey with follow up questions and logic rules to dig deeper and uncover the insights you need.

8 question types

Ask what’s important with multi-choice, rating, checkboxes, dropdown, image picker, boolean or text.

Design customization

Create an on-brand survey that fits seamlessly into your order status page.

Question template library

Set up quickly with questions pre-built for the eCommerce and retail industry.

Responses at a glance

View responses for each customer as they come in on the order fulfilment page.

Reporting and analytics

Analytics to answer all your questions with reports you can break down for deeper insights.

Shopify Flow connection

Automate tasks and activities after survey responses.

Shopify POS survey

Add your post-purchase survey to your POS checkout process to get in-store responses too.

Shopify Marketing Activities

Set up and manage your post-purchase survey from Shopify Marketing.


Use your attribution data anywhere

Push data to Shopify Flows, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or anywhere with Zapier to action your insights and grow your ROI with better analytics, targeting and marketing personalization. Or create a custom-built integration using our API. 

See all integrations


Get started

Start collecting valuable post-purchase survey insights in less than 5 minutes. LoudHippo is quick and easy to customize and switch on. No code required.
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